Nourishing Network
Nourishing Network

Welcome to Nourishing Network

We're here to equip and nourish the nourishers.

About Us

Nourish: UU Dinner Church Consultants can help to equip and nourish religious professionals. Together we will experience embodied worship and share tools for leading them. We help leaders to feel fed in body and spirit.

Why You Should Join Us

We believe in sharing collective wisdom. Join us as we co-create a network of nourishers.

We welcome religious professionals into this network. For our purposes, you are a religious professional if you serve in a paid role in a congregation/ministry setting and/or are a member of a religious professional organization (UUMA, LREDA, etc.). Religious professionals within and beyond Unitarian Universalism are welcome. 

A Big Thanks

We appreciate all that you bring to make this community thrive! Thank your for your intention, thoughtfulness, experience, and care.